Holzer's Okra of Carinthia

This attractive vegetable, which is still quite unknown in Austria, looks like a square chilli pepper. Okra or lady finger is the fruit of Abelmoschus Esculentus.

Originally from Ethiopia, this vegetable grows on bushes which can reach a height of up to 2.5m. Over thousands of years (more than 4000 years) the wonderful pod was brought to the Caribbean to South America, further to Europe and finally to St. Paul/Lavanttal.

We cultivate 14 different varieties of this superfood with passion – different shapes, different lengths and different colours make okra something very special. The inside is soft and contains many small seeds which are edible and very tasty.

The soft inside contains many small white edible seeds. Okra pods are characterized by their tart and spicy, yet mild taste, which is reminiscent of beans.

Season in Austria
Okra is harvester from June to October (weather permitting).

Okra sind im Geschmack am ehesten mit Fisolen zu vergleichen. Sie schmecken mild, herb, säuerlich und pikant.

Okra can be compared to runner beans in taste. They taste mild, tart, sour and piquant.

In the culinary field
Okra is used in vegetable and various curry dishes, sauces, fried in soya sauce or added raw into salads.

During cooking, a creamy liquid forms, which is ideal as a binding agent (instead of flour or cornstarch) for soups, sauces and curries.

However, if you want to eat the okra as a steamed vegetable, this creamy, sticky liquid is probably not wanted. Don’t panic: simply cut off the two ends of the pods and blanch them in vinegar water, than quench them cold, or add lemon juice of vinegar and tomatoes which prevent this effect.

Storage/Shelf life
Okra pods keep refrigerated for up to 8 days.