Garlic in Bacardi/Curry

Complementary on your cured meat plates and Ploughman’s. A wonderful ingredient in all your Wok dishes and Curries. Garlic butter, Dips, Meat and Barbecue also benefit greatly from the addition of wonderfully pickled garlic.

Garlic Caramel


Perfect for your smoke-house barbecue dishes, Fish, Cheese, Dips, Gravy’s, Toast spread, or just add it to your vegetables. Complementary to all your meals, especially dishes  with Tomatoes.

Garlic Paste


You decide if you like the mild or powerful version. Our Garlic paste is perfect for adding to any dish when you don’t have fresh garlic available or you want a more intense flavour. Ideal on Bruschetta, Spread for Toast or Rye bread, as a snack with cottage cheese or ham, in dips or  in marinades.

Ingredients: Garlic (70%), Olive oil “native extra”, Salt, freshly squeezed lemon juice

Pickled Garlic Neutral

Eingelegter Knoblauch neutral

Wonderful Aroma, Taste is not too harsh on your tongue. Use it like fresh garlic.

Description: Ingredients: Water, Garlic, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Saccharin, Nat Carbonate, Benzonatate, natural flavouring,

Net Quantity: 220gr, drained 100gr

Garlic biscuits/crackers


Pairs perfectly with desert wines, liqueur’s or simply for nibbling. With only a slight aftertaste of garlic, these crackers are perfect in every season. Just the right thing as a treat.


Garlic pesto is versatile, it can be used on pasta, for seasoning, as a tasty bread spread, in marinade, on bruschetta and so much more.

Garlic Cider Vinegar


Add a dash to sauces or use in your salad dressings. Gives a light and refreshing taste.

Garlic Curry Noodles


Ideal as a  main course, cook – drain – add olive oil and cheese, serve with a fresh salad and hey presto, you can serve an unusual, tasty, exciting dish.

Smoked garlic

Ideal in fish dishes, and for your Smoke-house Barbecue experiences. A taste sensation in your venison gravy or use it as you would use normal garlic seasoning.

The fine and mild aroma lifts and refines all dishes. Try it out in garlic butter, barbecue dips or marinades, on bruschetta and with your Sunday roast. Especially tasty and quick rubbed in on a slice of toast or rye-bread, with pinch salt.

Storage: dried, (up to 9 Month) in a cool place or pickle the garlic in oil (more than 1 year). Use the oil afterwards for cooking.

Sweet- Sour


Complementary to your meat, fish, gravy and dips. Combine  with vegetables, use it as a spread, ideal for your dishes cooked in a Wok. Interesting and intense, the non-harsh Garlics Sweet-Sour taste will elevate your cooking. Add one tablespoon to your Olive oil or to Yoghurt and you have a wonderful sauce for your barbecue, as a marinade or salad dressing. Works well as a spread on toasted or grilled rye-bread.

Ingredients: Garlic (60%) White Wine (SULFITE), Sugar, White whine vinegar, Pectin, Lemon juice, Lemon Thyme