The Kiwano fruit, also known as African horned melon, originated in the region of the Kalahari Desert where it has been known and been used for about 3000years. Nowadays New Zealand is the country that cultivates most Kiwano fruits.

Unique and intriguing in its appearance, it is fiery yellow to orange when ripe. You might think it resembles a small dragon, due to its spiky exterior.

Taste  and use:
The Kiwano tastes refreshingly like banana, kiwi and lime. It is best to cut the fruit lengthwise and spoon it out. It can be sweetened by sprinkling sugar on it, or if you prefer the slightly sour version, sprinkle some lemon juice on it. You can also add some whipped cream.

The inside of the fruit consists of a green, gelatinous mass with many edible seeds.

Since the Kiwano is very decorative in appearance, it is also often used to serve with prawn cocktails, various drinks and many other dishes.

The juice can be used to refine marinades, deserts and drinks.

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