Strawberries! Queen of fruits!

Holzer Strawberry Pick your own farms have been in existence for more than 50 years. Granddad Johann Ninaus, a pioneer of his generation, began panting strawberries when nobody believed that this could be done as a drop and not just as garden plantation. As it turned out, he had achieved great success with his foresight and Holzer’s Strawberry Farms are now in the hand for the third generation.

Due to its composition, the strawberry is one of the most popular fruits of all:
It has a very high water content and therefore very few calories
It contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits, a lot of folic acid (important for cell division) and minerals such as potassium, iron, vitamin K (important for blood clotting), magnesium, zinc (immune system), copper (nervous system), manganese (building of connective tissue), vitamin B1 (energy production), calcium. The strawberry is also rich in polyphenols with antioxidant effects.

Since strawberries are easily digestible, diuretic, blood-cleansing, tonic and anti-inflammatory, they are ideal for consumption not only as a dessert, but at any time. Just experience a moment of pleasure and taste sensation. The are healthy and delicious!

Some suggestions to stimulate your ‘strawberry fantasies’ include the classic strawberry cake, strawberry tiramisu, strawberry muffins, strawberry punch, strawberry sour cream pancakes, strawberry dumplings, strawberry butter, lime polenta with strawberries, strawberry cake with caramel, and much more……There are literally no limits to this fantasy!

Do you have a good recipe that you would like to share with us? Please send it to us!

We look forward to your visit to the Holzer’s Pick your own Strawberry farms

St. Paul in the Buxer settlement
St. Margarethen near St Paul
St. Andrä near entrance Hofer
Lavamünd direction state border on the right side, before Gasthof Hüttenwirt

If you do not have time to pick your own strawberries, you can buy freshly picked strawberries too. Please pre-order larger quantities so that we can harvest your fruits as fresh as possible.

It is best to pick the strawberries in the morning, due to the plant being of the nightshade family, that means the fruits ripen during the night.
Choose smaller containers to pick your fruit so that the fresh strawberries don’t get crushed – this is especially important if you want to keep your beautiful fruits pristine. If you don’t have your own container, please buy some from us, or get smaller cups for free.

Experience has shown that the most pristine fruits and the most strawberries can be found further away from the entrance (preferably in the back part of the field) as most strawberry pickers pick closer to the entrance.

Please always pick the fruits with the sepal attached and only remove them at home after a quick wash. Fruits without the sepal will have a loss of taste, even in jam due to the loss of fruit juice.